Passing the technical inspection  

Tech Check List Your car
  • Your car must be registered and insured.
  • Check tires - Good condition, no exposed cords, cracks in sidewalls.
  • Check wheel lugs for tightness, none missing.
  • Hub caps / wheel / lug covers removed.
  • Check wheel bearings for tightness.
  • Check suspension for tightness.
  • Check seat belts for good condition, lap belts minimum are required. Racing harness should be mounted properly.
  • Check the battery mounting, must be mounted securely.
  • Check overall for fluid leaks.
  • Check that brake pedal is firm. Brake & clutch fluid levels are sufficient, no leaks.
  • Check throttle return spring.
  • Remove all loose items from interior, NO FLOOR MAT ON DRIVER SIDE.
  • Remove all suction cup devices. i.e. radar detectors, gps receivers etc.

  • Helmet must be of SNELL 2010 (M OR SA) standard or newer or FIA homologation.
  • Car numbers (class is optional) must be on both sides of the car and readable from 25 feet.
This list is a guideline, the final decision on race worthiness is up to the tech inspectors and the event master.