This video gives a very good over view of the sport of autocross and is about 9 minutes long.

Part of what makes autocross so inexpensive is the shared work load. Each person is assigned a work station. You will most likely be assigned a station on the course where you will reset hit cones, call them in and flag cars in case of an issue.

Each person works for one session and drives the other. We have 4 of these sessions and your participation in the working portion is vital to the operation of the event. If you do not show up to work your station then the event stops until we can find you or a replacement.

This is the golden rule of autocross, you must work your assignment, leaving early without cause will ensure that you are not welcomed back at our or anyone else's events.

Your Car

  • Your car must be registered and insured.
  • Check tires - Good condition, no exposed cords, cracks in sidewalls.
  • Check wheel lugs for tightness, none missing.
  • Hub caps / wheel / lug covers removed.
  • Check wheel bearings for tightness.
  • Check suspension for tightness.
  • Check seat belts for good condition, lap belts minimum are required. Racing harness should be mounted properly.
  • Check the battery mounting, must be mounted securely.
  • Check overall for fluid leaks.
  • Check that brake pedal is firm. Brake and clutch fluid levels are sufficient, no leaks.
  • Check throttle return spring.
  • Remove all loose items from interior, NO FLOOR MAT ON DRIVER SIDE.
  • Remove all suction cup devices. i.e. radar detectors, gps receivers etc.


  • Helmet must be of SNELL 2010 (M OR SA) standard or newer or FIA homologation.
  • Car numbers (class is optional) must be on both sides of the car and readable from 25 feet.

A typical course layout is 1.8 Miles long at takes around 100 - 120 seconds to complete.

Signing up for ne-svt membership.

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